About Us

Riding Each Other's Coat Tails

Monty Wolfe and Ian Southworth met at a Portland, Oregon Comicon, later bonding over film talk at a Red Robin surrounded by various Jedi, anime characters, and a few Batmen. Ian was an art school graduate and regional Emmy winner and Monty had worked in television news for a decade, but not long after, Monty would enter film school and the two would collaborate on a myriad of projects from Sci-fi to romcoms. Today, they navigate the magical chaos of their film sets with a sort of linked telepathy. 

The Production Story

The Exploding Boy was inspired by the short film, Look Up!, Ian and Monty's most recent collaboration, shot just before the world went into lockdown due to the Covid19 pandemic. Very little from the short film survived into The Exploding Boy, but there remains a philosophy, that films can be about LGBTQ+ individuals without necessarily being about gay issues such as coming-out or discrimination. In that way, The Exploding Boy, a story where a young man falls in love with another young man, is no more a gay movie than The Notebook is a straight movie. 

Production began in October of 2021. Initially, things moved quickly, but the holidays soon slowed the shoot. On top of that, many exterior scenes had to be rescheduled due to the Pacific Northwest rains, and the production was completely halted twice after cast and crew caught Covid19. Even with the setbacks, we are nearly complete.  Principle photography is in the can and we have begun the complicated task of editing, visual effects, color grading, sound editing, and music. We are hoping for a Summer, 2022 premiere! 

Meet The Team

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